Entry #4

Clock Suckers Episodes

2007-09-05 14:42:32 by Parks2

Hey everybody- just letting you know we posted Episode 5 of Clock Suckers today, so if you haven't go and check it out. I'll be posting Episode 6 later this week, and Episode 7 will also premiere on CollegeHumor.com tomorrow (Thursday) - so check em all out

We also posted our Comic Con 07 recap yesterday- it's a picture slide show, just some stupid funny stuff

Finally, finishing the script to College University Episode 12 this week, and will start animation this month...

Thats all, thanks for checking out all our dumb stuff



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2007-09-05 16:10:03

Loved clocksuckers 5. Will be looking forward to the next episodes.


2007-09-05 16:52:01

I personally don't see why Clock Suckers is so great... Being absolutely honest here. The concept isn't creative at all, the humor is repetitive, annoying, and sometimes just sick... And the overall mood of it is pretty dull. I couldn't bear even sitting through all of one of them, much less 5 of them.

However, I really enjoy College University. I'm not sure, but it has a certain flair to it that makes it a lot of fun to watch. I've seen every episode (except for the most recent one, which I still haven't gotten around to finishing. Those things need a scene select, or a navigation bar, or something =P


2007-09-05 18:15:22

Nice Job Guys!

I'm just now listening to your podcast...started at episode 39 I think. It's the best thing EVER, I lol so fricken hard the whole damn time!

I'm beginning to wonder why none of you have gotten back to me on the email i sent.


2007-09-10 23:38:42

Hey! JonBro is fucking dumb!


2007-09-12 18:12:41

Oh snap.
I just got pwned by TN.


2007-11-09 04:04:12

damn the new KFK is great mate :) how long does it take to make a script for a KFK epidsode?


2007-12-03 01:32:19

I can't wait, I hope all goes well.


2008-01-29 01:09:23

Ep. 12 isn't going to take as long as 11 did, is it? Maybe? Please?


2008-03-21 13:10:50

are you guys still making KFK's Adventures


2008-08-02 21:06:24

hey why arent the other episodes of clock suckers on newground?


2008-08-13 16:36:28

we want more clock suckers!


2008-10-27 00:53:17

what happened too you guys we haven't heard from you in over a year :(


2008-12-19 13:51:43

dammit why are you so lazzyy?


2009-01-02 01:08:32

You guys are awesome! I hope more Clock Suckers will show up!


2009-02-21 23:16:10

dude how do i get my hands on the theme muzcak


2009-04-12 13:48:56

When are you going to make the next College University episode? I LOVE those! You should make more, because without them, newgrounds sucks slightly more!!!! Please please please keep animating!


2009-04-18 04:27:20

clock suckers is a great serie but it need`s more episodes because its great!!!


2009-04-19 12:31:39

today i sign up to your site and its great!


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2011-01-03 21:07:07

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